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    Route interrupt signal to pin?


      With previous PSoC generations, routing DMA requests and interrupt requests to external pins was a good way to debug DMA configurations with a logic analyzer.  When I try to do this on a PSoC 6, I get a placement error.  Is there some workaround that would allow me to see an interrupt signal from a DMA component on a GPIO?

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          It is not possible to route a GPIO pin to an interrupt pin.

          Instead, enable the tr_out pin of the DMA component. You can do so by checking the Trigger Output checkbox in DMA properties.


          Then, a tr_out pin will appear on the DMA component and a GPIO pin can be connected to this to observe any DMA transaction. It generates a pulse on every element transfer completion by default. It can also be set to generate a pulse on every X loop transfer completion, descriptor completion or on completion of entire descriptor chain.


          This is the output that I received. Please let us know if this is what you require. A pulse was generated upon reception of every element.



          Thanks and regards


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            This is perfect. Thank you!