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    fx3 firmware abnormal image. I need help!


      Hello, I am testing 16bit YUV2 output camera with fx3.


      Now I have a problem with image sensor or fx3 or something else(I don't know what is the problem exactly...).


      My camera output image on pc is abnormal.


      I think my fx3 firmware is the problem but I don't know what should I do for this problem.


      I fixed gpif design uvc 8bit to 16bit and fixed almost related firmware code I think...


      But output image was not changed... image still abnormal like that image I uploaded.


      I touched all possbility of this problem in my firmware... like dma channel, buffer count, buffer size and bits per sec, Max frame size etc.


      I will upload example image and eclipse firmware code.


      Somebody help me please ~ !!


      Thanks to read my question.


      Have a good day.