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    DMA (revised) question - need to send from Cx3 to PC in a loop


      I need to set up a DMA transfer from my CX3 to my PC. On the CX3 side, every 5 seconds, I want to send a DMA packet over USB. On the PC's side, I want to set up a loop that will sit and wait for information to come over the USB bus, and when received, display it. In an infinite loop. I need some information on how, on the CX3, to set up the DMA channel, and how, on the PC, to open up the WinUsb device and read the incoming packets in a loop.


      There is a "bounty" on this, we'll pay $ for good help... I'm not kidding. We're stuck and at the end of our tether. We have most of the code to do this, but there are some nagging issues...