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    I am having trouble with SWD protocol using 5-pin connector on MiniProg3. Please help.


      I am new to Cypress microcontrollers and I installed PSoC programmer. I have a custom board with CY8C4125LQI-483 micro on it and  I am trying to program it  using the 5 pin connector on MiniProg3. The pins on the micro are:


      P3[2] for SWD Data

      P3[3] for SWD Clk

      pin30  for XRES


      It says in documentation that the pin assignments on MiniProg3 for SWD protocol are:


      SDIO for pin5

      SCK for pin4

      XRES for pin3


      I am totally confused how to connect the 5-pin connector to the micro. So do I connect SDIO to SWD Data and 3.3V external power? Which pin on the 5-pin MiniProg should I use for the GND?