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    parallel NOR S29AS016J programming issue




      I want to create a controller for s29as016j, and I run the RTL simulation to get some sense of the characteristic of s29as016j (access time 75ns) first.


      The NOR flash was preloaded with a pattern and I try to do some programming.

      When I send the program command {Addr, data} = {0x555,0xAA} {0x2AA, 0x55} {0x555, 0xA0} {0x3, 0x3742}    (programming the location 0x3-16bit, with the value 0x3742)

      The value which be programmed was changed to 0xFFFF_FFFF, not the value I want.

      And the RY signal was not pull high back.


      Should I send a RESET before programming it during the simulation? or anything i don't know... osz


      Any help would be appreciated.