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    fx3 secondary bootloader Fx3BootAppGcc + 0xA0 vendor command failed to download application firmware into RAM



      I have used secondary bootloader in my project for making custom PID/VID and string descriptor.

      I have also changed one line usb_boot.c file and that is,


      CyFx3BootUsbStart (CyTrue, myUsbEventCallback); ->  CyFx3BootUsbStart (CyFalse, myUsbEventCallback);

      To force making re-enum.


      I have noticed that on Windows 7 things looks okay but on Windows 10 sometime it becomes fail to download firmware sections in RAM.


      To cross verify this issue, I have tried it with default bootloader (0x4b4:0xf3) on which everything works perfectly.

      Is there any kind of bug in Secondary bootloader example firmware?


      I have debugged DownloadFwToRam() API from CyAPI.cpp file and things become fail sometimes at DownloadBufferToDevice() or UploadBufferFromDevice() functions