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    MagSense Inductive-Sensing: Metal over Touch (MoT)

      Metal over Touch (MoT) involves detecting the deflection of a metal overlay upon a touch. MoT uses a metal overlay separated from the sensor using a thin spacer or etched surfaces of metal overlay as shown in the figure below. When you touch the metal, the metal deflects. This deflection is detected by the inductive sensor.  An example of front and back (with etched cavities) of a metal overlay is also shown below. The sensitivity of touch detection depends on the following parameters.

      • Amount of metal deflection
      • Sensor dimensions
      • Spacer thickness or depth of etched cavity
      • Applied force

      Note that the amount of metal deflection for the applied force depends on metal material, thickness, and flexural rigidity.


      Metal over Touch Arrangement

      MoT stackup.png


      Example Metal Overlay

      MoT overlay.png

      To find out more on MoT designs, please see the Inductive Sensing Design Guide.