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    FX3 Streaming throughput and delay


      Here are questions about FX3 and need Cypress' advice.


      1. Could  FX3 support line buffer for Streaming Frame? Ex: receive 10 line input via ISP , then output 10 line data directly. Or FX3 need wait a full Frame for output ?

      2. If FX3 is frame base buffer (need wait full frame) , what is the output latency ? 1/fps second ?

      3. If FX3 could support line buffer , what is the minimum output latency (or how many line)?

      4. For FX3 ISO mode, the Throughput(bandwidth) is 82700KBps , around 3GBps. Does it mean the max bandwidth is “streaming  resolution x fps x bit/pixel”? ex: 4656x3496(16M) x 4~5fps x 16bit/pixel (please refer to the attachment, there is a table inside it)

      5. Could FX3 support add frame count information for each frame ?