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    Can't find Capsense Library


      I need a details about the API's and macros in the capsense library but i can't find them on the PDL. Kindly help.

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          Could you pls elaborate more on your query? What are the APIs and macros that are not available in PDL?



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            I think this is a question about "where is the documentation for the API".


            If you are using ModusToolbox, you will find it here:

            <install location>ModusToolbox_1.1\libraries\psoc6sw-1.1\docs

            It is linked from the PDL API reference, or you can open the CapSense documentation index.html file directly


            The CapSense library is available separately, with documentation, here

            Releases · cypresssemiconductorco/middleware-capsense · GitHub


            You can see the documentation directly from the GitHub site. Use this link.

            Cypress CapSense Middleware Library


            Finally, if you're using PDL 3.1 and PSoC Creator, there is no separate CapSense library. There is a CapSense Component for the Creator design environment. There is API documentation included with the component. To seethis, add a CapSense Component to your design, double click to edit the settings for the Component. Click the Datasheet button to open the documentation.


            The Creator CapSense Component API (and generated code) will NOT be the same as the stand-alone CapSense library. That library is intended for ModusToolbox, and for easy use in third-party IDEs. The Creator Component is clearly PSoC Creator only.


            Hope this helps.