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    PSOC has corrupted program memory


      I am currently shipping a product. When it goes out the door it seems to be function as expected. After about 2-3 months there have been about 15-20 of them that have come back that don't seem to function at all. I do a checksum on them and the checksum doesn't match the original program. The checksums from non-working device to non-working device all seem to be different.


      I'll post the project and the checksum information on here on Monday as I know that will be more helpful. I just wanted to get the ball rolling on this question right now.


      My first thoughts is that the emulated EEPROM I'm using in this project is overwriting and corrupting program memory. Is there a way to explicitly protect the program memory from being overwritten by the emulated EEPROM?


      Any preliminary help would be appreciated. Thanks!