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    Is it possible to count cache hits and misses on the PSoC 6?


      I'd like to count cache misses but am unable to find any registers that might be useful.


      The three Cache Status registers seem to just indicate cache tag status and not hit/miss rate.


      /* FLASHC.CM4_CA_STATUS0 */

      #define FLASHC_CM4_CA_STATUS0_VALID16_Pos       0UL

      #define FLASHC_CM4_CA_STATUS0_VALID16_Msk       0xFFFFUL

      /* FLASHC.CM4_CA_STATUS1 */

      #define FLASHC_CM4_CA_STATUS1_TAG_Pos           0UL

      #define FLASHC_CM4_CA_STATUS1_TAG_Msk           0xFFFFFFFFUL

      /* FLASHC.CM4_CA_STATUS2 */

      #define FLASHC_CM4_CA_STATUS2_LRU_Pos           0UL

      #define FLASHC_CM4_CA_STATUS2_LRU_Msk           0x3FUL


      Is cache profiling supported?


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