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    Porting to an other rtos and the BLE stack lib's

      Hi all,


           We are using Micrium ucos/III on our device and was planning on using the NoOS as a template to call the Micrium API. The BLE stack libs are compiled for FreeRTOS and ThreadX. If I use the RTOS functions signature (prototypes) exactly the linker SHOULDN't see the dirrerence. Our mcu is a K64 which is a CM4 machine so theoraticly this shouldn't be a problem. Anybody has sugestions or knowledge about this? Of course, having the BLE stack in source code would solve this.


           Why not use FreeRTOS or ThreadX? Our product run's on a K64 and we are planning for the commercial product tu use radio only modules (BCM43341) and having a second mcu is complicating things hardware and software wise. We chosed ucos/III for different reasons but obviously one can't run 2 RTOS at the same time.


      BTW, The doc say the SDK support the K60 family. I didn't see anything specific. Are there any plan to support the KSDK in the WICED SDK? The KSDK has a quite clean HAL and drivers for all the modules in the K60 familly SoC.



      Thank you

      Hugo treatreault.