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    Change Bootloader Security Level via Fixed Stack OTA


      We currently have devices (PSOC 4 BLE) in the field with Security Levels of "Authenticated pairing with encryption" enabled in the Bootloader project. Our bootloadable project works fine and isn't having any issues. Now we have a requirement for another PSOC 4 to connect to our units but they have no pin entry capability. I realize we can't change our Services (Encryption with Authentication Required) in our stack but are we able to change permissions from the bootloable project at all? The issue is our pairing code can be changed from a mobile app for our devices in the field but our standalone PSOC has no way to enter that PIN for a bond.


      Can we change our Permission for our Services and our Security Level for our stack from within our Bootloadable project? Any suggestions as to how we could solve this issue if not?