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    Established or measured an error rate for the PUART interface on the CYW20719?




      I'm working with a customer using the 20719 within an application that is extremely sensitive errors and re-transmission.


      Per the blog RanjithK_41 created here: CYW20719 and CYW20735 Peripheral and HCI UARTs


      The PUART on the 20719 will operate up to 3Mb/s max. However, they want to understand whether or not there is an associated error rate which needs to be calculated in order to assess actual throughput and potential for re-transmission of data.


      As an example, the STM32 MCU documents a 1.73% error rate on its 3Mb/s UART, so they want to understand if our UART implementation is similar.


      Thanks in advance for your help.