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    How to get the information of OV5640 on CX3


      I have a CX3 Reference Design Kit of OV5640.

      But the LIB is closed, and I want to practice to get the register value from I2C and print to UART.

      If I want to get the slave ID of OV5640 by I2C and show it on the terminal by UART, what can I do?

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          Cypress provides the API CyU3PI2cReceiveBytes to customer to read some bytes from I2C slave.

          However, the device address and register address are necessary.


          You have two options here.

          1. Contact OmniVison to get the datasheet and configuration bytes.

          2. Capture the I2C communication while the boards is running. You could get the device address and see many I2C bytes are sent in this procedure.