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    Non-blocking emulated EEPROM




      I am trying to perform a non-blocking emulated EEPROM using P4000S, because code example em_EEPROM is calling blocking write row, not non-blocking write row, this cause 20ms blocking delay, can’t handle 1ms timer interrupt for critical task.


      TRM did say that non-blocking system calls can be called from a code executing out of RAM, so I located timer interrupt and other functions into RAM, then call non-blocking write row instead of blocking write row in CyFlash.c, but still not working, CPU is not halted after calling non-blocking flash write row, 1ms timer interrupt is handled, but EEPROM data is not written correctly into flash.


      Could anyone tell me whether it is possible to implement a non-blocking emulated EEPROM and how to do.

      The SPC interrupt, how to use? 

      The code in TRM: 20.7 Non-Blocking System Call Pseudo Code, seems not right, SPC interrupt is not triggered after calling non-blocking write row, is there something wrong?


      CY_SECTION(".sramCode") __USED

      void SpcIntHandler(void)


          //Write key1, key2 parameters to SRAM

          REG( 0x20000000 ) = 0x0000DCB6;

          //Write the address of key1 to the CPUSS_SYSARG reg 

          CPUSS_SYSARG_REG = 0x20000000;

          //Write the API opcode = 0x09 to the CPUSS_SYSREQ.COMMAND * register and assert the sysreq bit

          CPUSS_SYSREQ_REG = 0x80000009;

          // Number of times the ISR has triggered

          iStatusInt ++;



      void SPC_SetVector(cyisraddress address)


          CyRamVectors[CYINT_IRQ_BASE + 9] = address;



      int main(void)


          uint8 i;


          /* Enable global interrupts. */



              /* Set the ISR to point to the Interrupt. */



                  /*CM0 interrupt enable bit for spc interrupt enable */

              CM0_ISER_REG |= 0x00000040;


              /*Set CPUSS_CONFIG.VECS_IN_RAM because SPC ISR should be in SRAM */

             CPUSS_CONFIG_REG |= 0x00000001;



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          Problem has been solved by myself.

          Attached is non-blocking emulated EEPROM example that is working fine on CY8CKIT-041-4000S kit, if someone need non-blocking write flash or emulate EEPROM, please refer.

          Because the CPU cannot execute code from flash while doing an erase or program operation on the flash, the nonblocking system calls can only be called from a code executing out of SRAM. So the code you want to run while writing flash/eeprom has to be placed into SRAM.

          The SPC ISR is needed for non-blocking write row and executed three times before the end of write operation.

          Compared with PSoC4_EmEEPROM code example, I revised CyFlash.c and .LD file, and add SPC interrupt related code in main.c. In order to test the CPU is running code while writing eeprom, I add timer ISR placed into SRAM.

          Other restrictions, IMO need set to 48Mhz and SPC interrupt must not be interrupted by other ISR with higher priority.



          Steven Zhang

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