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    About UART FIFO Reset for Flaming error


      The customer's application causes a UART framing error under the following conditions:


      -First, MB9AF112K receives the number of received data defined by FBYTE.

      -Next, before the data reading of the received FIFO, 1 byte data that stop bit is 0 is input to MB9AF112K.

      (Of course, this is intentionally created data and condition)


      The customer thinks he use FIFO reset to return to the correct state,

      but he says that don't solved the case and the UART reset is required.


      1)Is using FIFO reset correct for framing errors?

         (I doubt it a little. Because I think framing errors occur without using FIFO.)

      2)If so, what is the reason why the above situation can not be solved with FIFO reset?

          Please let me know if there are special conditions or methods.


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