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      Hi. I have two of these boards, with old die on them. I used them extensively

      to help other customers with their design issues. But the die signature of these

      old parts got dropped out of programmer (and you cannot install more than one

      programmer version on system at a time) so cannot program/debug the boards.


      I have no capability to handle swapping out parts, and cannot find a lab that

      will do that for less than a fortune.


      Is there anyway of fooling programmer into thinking this is a current part ?


      Seems like a real shame folks who buy Cypress boards can find them unusable

      unless they setup another system with a legacy tools install.



      Regards, Dana.

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          The device list database supported by PSoC Programmer is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Devices\CY8C5xxxLP.dat, the data of old part maybe removed from this file in new version PSoC Programmer, you may try to add related data (die signature) of the old part (on your 050 kit) in this file manually.


          So you have to install old version PSoC Programmer first, backup the old CY8C5xxxLP.dat first, then install new version PSoC Programmer and update the CY8C5xxxLP.dat file.

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            I edited the programmer file, and now programmer recognizes it.


            Problem though is in Creator cannot pick it as a device. So one cannot create hex file

            with proper signature.


            Regards, Dana.

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              If only the silicon ID is different, you can replace the HEX file generated by new part with the old part in hex file manually. I compared the generated hex file of two different parts with the same firmware code, result as follow:


              But it’s too much trouble to do this kind of modification manually every time after building.