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    CCG SDK upgrade


      I was looking into upgrading our firmwarefirmware platform for our CCG4 solution, from SDK version 3.2.1 to the latest 3.3 release as part of the normal maintenance.

      The first thing I notice is the change from having several linker files, to having one linker file and a post_build.bat script.


      I am not very happy with this change.

      The first thing is the same issues as described here.



      • The project name is hardcoded
      • cyelftool.exe is not in the path
      • The project depend on "backup_fw.cydsn"


      Specifically the last element is not properly thought out I think. With version 3.2.1 I already need to keep 2 schematic files (cysch) in sync regarding pin functions and their names. Luckily only one is for the "release" version and the other is only used for the no bootloader version used for debugging.

      With the "backup_fw" another schematic file is added, and I need to keep yet another project in sync with the main project.

      I will much prefer the 3 linker files setup as in SDK version 3.2.1 then the post_build.bat solution from SDK 3.3.

      And based on the fact that project name is hardcoded in the post_build.bat it seems a bit hastily released.


      • What is your plan for the next SDK release?
      • With SDK release 3.3. you put CCG3 into maintenance mode. What is the plan for CCG4?


      I am considering skipping the 3.3 for now, and wait to see what changes you bring out in the next release - so it will be nice to know what your plan is. Do you return to the 3 linker script setup. Do you evolve the post_build.bat way to an usable solution?

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          Hi ,


          I have tried to new example project of CCG4 notebook from SDK 3.3, the valuable linker script is under the folder: CYPD4226-40LQXI_notebook04.cydsn. This is same way we used in older SDK. 


          The plan for next SDK release is not settled now, please kindly take a attend on page of CCGx Host SDK to get the update information.


          It will be benefit for you for compliance on Type-C PD if you follow SDK upgrade.


          Best Regards,