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    CYW943907 - Vbat, Vddio and power consumption


      Hello support,


      I have a doubt related to Vbat and Vddio:

         - What is the purpose of Vbat? And the purpose of Vddio?

         - What is the difference between them?


      I've done the measurements of power consumption according to Low Power Current Measurements Using CYW943907AEVAL1F, but the lowest power consumption I obtained/measured was 30.7uA (on Hibernation, with attached hibernation.c). Is this correct? According to datasheet it has to consume 3uA when Hibernation...




      Additional doubt

      Furthermore, I would like to know if the current consumption measurements have necessarily to be done as it is specified on  Low Power Current Measurements Using CYW943907AEVAL1F. If so, then, what is the purpose of the following pins?:





      Thanks in advance,