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    On board debug support



      I have been using WICED smartbridge for some product development. I'm using both WiFi and BTLE modules. Now, I would like to build proto boards for which on board debugger and programmer is needed as it is in case of WICED smart bridge. So, I can distribute the boards to various teams for further development. To save cost and time, I'm thinking to retain same FTDI chip on the breakable or extension board to support on board USB to JTAG interface to WiFi and BTLE modules.


      I purchased one ST-LINK debugger, but I'm unable to use it. Also the tool is expensive to buy 20 to 25 units. I need your support in configuring FT2232H to mimic similar function as in case of WICED smartbridge to continue using Broadcom's SDK. This will help me build common platform for future developments.


      Please suggest a solution.