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    USB to UART Controller CY7C65213.


      Dear ALL,

      In one of our design we are planning to use the USB to UART Controller CY7C65213.


      Clarify the following point regarding the cypress device USB to UART Controller CY7C65213;

      1. How to configure / select the device to operate from
      2. 3.15 to  3.45V (typically 3.3V)
      3. 4.35 to  5.25V (typically 5V)
      • How we will configure the device I/O pins operation.
      • Hope this device is compatible for Windows (any version) , Android and no separate driver is required for its operation
      • When we are interfacing the controller working on 3.3V and Cypress device CY7C65213 working at 5V;
      1. can we connect TX and RX pins and other I/O pin directly (without any voltage level translator)
      2. should we use any voltage level translator between Controller and Cypress Device CY7C65213
      3. what is Utility Configuration and when  it is required and how is it useful


      Confirm at the earliest.

      Contact for any clarification



      Thanks and Regards,


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          Hello Lingaraj


          The Device can be configure to operate in

          a) bus powered configuration(5V) i.e. providing power to the VBUS from the USB Host through the connector.

          b) self powered configuration i.e providing VBUS power from external power supply. Here the power from the USB connector to the VBUS pin is cut off.

            In self powered mode the device can be operated at 3.3V and 5V. This can be configured by providing respective voltage to the VBUS pin.

          Note: When VBUS pin is provided with 3.3V the internal 3.3 Voltage regulator must be disable using the configuration utility.


          IO operation :

          a) IO pins can be configured to operate at 3.3V by providing 3.3 V to the VCCIO (/VDDD) pin.

          b) IO pins can be configured to operate at 5V by providing 5V to the VCCIO (/VDDD) pin.

          c) IO pins can also be configured to opertate at 1.8 V. This can be done by providing 1.8 V to the VCCIO (/VDDD) pin and disabling the 1.8 V voltage regulator using the USB-Serial Configuration Utility.


          when configuring IO pins to operate at 5V. You can short VBUS pin to VCCIO pin.


          If you are configuring the IO pins to operate at 5V then a voltage level translator should be used between the Device and the Controller, The pins should not be connected directly.

          Alternatively, the device can be powered with VBUS = 5V and VCCIO = 3.3V so that the IO operates at 3.3V and is compatible with the Controller voltage levels.


          The device is compatible with all versions of Windows and also on andriod.

          The device will get bounded to the native Windows driver if cypress driver is not present on the system.


          In your case the USB-Serial configuration utility should be used to disable the internal voltage regulators i.e. when the VBUS volatge is less than or equal to 3.3V then the 3.3V regulator is disabled and when the VCCIO is less than 2V, 1.8 V regulator is disabled.

          USB-Serial Configuration Utility is used to configure the device operations like, The class of operation, configuring the serial communication block (in case of CY7C65211 or CY7C65215 the device SCB can be configured to operate in I2C and SPI mode), number of pins used for UART operation and the baud rate.

          Please refer to the user guide from the RDK. Configuration utility and the cypress driver are also present in the RDK.

          you can download the setup from the link below.


          CYUSBS232 RDK - http://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cyusbs232-usb-uart-lp-reference-design-kit


          Best Regards