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    PSoC4100SP:CapSense Proximity distance


      Below, the same sentences are written in English and Japanese.


      The proximity sensor is planned to be used in the pattern (a)"Bar Proximity Sensor" in the following figure.
      (a) Is there an example of proximity sensing distance of pattern?




      (b) For the "Loop Proximity Sensor" pattern, the graph below is shown.
      Does (a) also apply to the graphs below?



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          Unfortunately, there is no example of Bar Proximity Sensor (a) length in Figure 3-37. CapSense-Based Proximity Sensing with PCB Trace.

          (AN64846 Getting Started with CapSense : https://www.cypress.com/file/41076/download)


          Also, there is no Graph showing the relationship between the proximity-sensor bar size and the proximity-sensing distance, such as Figure 3-38.


          AN64846 Section 3.6.3 Factors Affecting Proximity Distance mentions

          “It is very difficult to derive a relationship between the sensor size and the proximity-sensing distance. Depending on the end-system environment, the proximity-sensing distance may vary for a specific sensor size. You can find the sensor size needed to achieve a required proximity-sensing distance by making sensor prototypes. You can use a copper foil, as Figure 3-39 shows, to make a quick sensor prototype to determine the sensor size needed to achieve the required proximity-sensing distance.”


          So, It would be better to understand what the requirement and evaluate/determine the sensor size needed to achieve the required proximity-sensing distance by prototype testing.

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            Thank you for your support