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    Need I2S MCLK support for audio sink application


      Our application audio DAC need Master clock(MCLK) input. Like 2.8224Mhz/5.6448Mhz/11.2896Mhz(fs:44.1Khz) or 3.072Mhz/6.144Mhz/12.288Mhz(fs:48Khz)

      And it request must be synchronized with I2S SCK / WS.

      But currently we use CYW20706 only support below signal for audio DAC.

      ■ I 2S Clock: I2S SCK

      ■ I 2S Word Select: I2S WS

      ■ I 2S Data Out: I2S DO


      Have anyone can provide suggestion or parts for our application?