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    PSoC5LP DMA 2-byte transfer from SRAM to Control register




      We are considering the connection between a 16-bit parallel IO ADC and PSoC5LP.
      Therefore, PSoC5LP needs to output 16-bit to GPIO.


      We understand that one control register is 8-bit, so two control registers are needed.

      Therefore, two DMAs are also required too.


      For example,


      Define a variable called DATA with uint16,


      DMA1 : 16bit DATA of SRAM => HI8(DATA) to Control Reg1

      DMA2 : 16bit DATA of SRAM => LO8(DATA) to Control Reg2


      We are thinking of the above configuration.


      Is it possible to divide 16-bit DATA into HI8 and LO8 in DMA configuration?

      Or do We have to DMA transfer after dividing the variables into HI8 and LO8 in firmware?


      As a point that we care about,
      Does a time lag occur when using two DMAs?

      Please let us know if there is another best way.