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    CYBT-413034-02 (CYW20719) I2S not working with A2DP



      I am using the CYBT-413034-02 WICED capable BT module for which the underlying processor is CYW20719.

      SDK ver is 6.2

      WICED-SDK Version: Wiced_006.002.001.0002


      I took a reference application for A2DP sink from 20706 packages and used the CYBT-413034 platform to build and program the module.

      I was able to advertise and connect the "wiced a2dp sink" device to the host on a Windows 10 PC and an Android 9 Mobile phone. The BT module connected correctly and appears as an audio interface in the Windows 10 PC.

      When I try to stream the audio to the BT module, I can't see the data out from the module on the configured I2S lines.


      I2S I/O configs:

      I2S_DI        P0

      I2S_DO      P29

      I2S_WS      P38

      I2S_CLK    P10/P11


      I tried to place a scope on the WS and CLK lines to see if I get I2S data bytes and the changing WS and Clock pulses. But it simply does not show anything.

      After some search on the Cypress forums, I found that the current WICED Studio does not support I2S on CYW20719. Is it true?

      Is there an option to import older projects/libraries and compile them for 20719 modules to get it working. The forums and associated links say that the user application cannot control the I2S peripheral directly, but is there any way I can test out the I2S interface using an existing working sample code for the 20719.




      Gurpreet Singh