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    BLE example with PDL 3.1




      I have trouble with PDL 3.1 and BLE example, the CE217639 "Heart Rate Server".


      I was able to compile and run the example without any issue under PSoC Creator 4.2 ( and PDL 3.0.4, on a CY8CKIT-062-BLE Rev *B.

      When I switched to PDL 3.1, the example did compile, but not run. I noticed some changes in the shared files (e.g. IPC configuration has moved) etc.


      However, since there is no compile error, and I did not succeed in running a debug session (I guess during startup the program does not even run up to main() on any of the two cores), it is impossible for me to pinpoint the error.


      Can anyone suggest what to do?


      Of course, I could go back to PDL 3.0.4, however, I thought that in view of switching to Modus Toolbox at some point, it would be a good idea to give PDL 3.1 a try.