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    Bootloader does not detect ChekSum test failure


      I am using a Booltoader and a Bootloadable in my project.


      I do a lot of flash writing via the app (Bootloadable) to row N-2. (One row below Metadata)

      My question is why after a reset, the bootloader does not detect a checksum issue (even though I definitely changed the flash on the app run)?


      I am not working with any checksum exclude section.



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          There could be multiple images in the PSoC device flash. Hence, bootloadable validation calculates checksum from the application image start address till the valid end, instead of the device flash end. Bootloader access start and end address from the metadata region.


          It seems that (N-2)nd row is not part of the bootloadable image in your application. Please change the test flash row to be part of bootloadable region and let me know if it helps. You can refer to Bootloader_ValidateBootloadable API for more details on checksum validation.