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    Migrating from S25FL032P Serial NOR Flash to S25FL064L


      I recently migrated from the S25FL032P to the S25FL064L NOR Flash and during testing I realized that the Block Erase (64K Sector) command 0xD8 takes much longer than the original slower chip; the original flash, S25FL032P took about 6.5 seconds to erase 24 blocks 64K sectors while the newer flash, S25FL064L took over 8.5 seconds to complete the same task.


      The S25FL064L should complete this task much faster than the S25FL032P according to the migration document and the datasheets.


      Addition info:

      The sector sizes are equal for both flash chips.

      S25FL064L Block Erase Times (64KB physical sectors) –  Typical Erase Time:450 Ms,  Max Erase Time: 1150 Ms

      S25FL032P Block Erase Times (64KB physical sectors) –  Typical Erase Time:500 Ms,  Max Erase Time :2000 Ms


      What could cause the newer faster flash to perform slower than the older slower one?