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    Readimg RSSI value in PSoC 6 Prototyping kit


      Hello CYPRESS Community!



      So I have been trying to read the RSSI value from the peripheral device using a central device.

      Once the connection is established between the two devices:

      PS: I am using CYBLE-416045-02 module PSoC 6 prototyping kit.

      i have included the following statements in my code:


      apiResultRssi = Cy_BLE_GetRssiPeer(conn_handle.bdHandle);

                  printf("The RSSI value is %X\r\n", rssipara.rssi);

                  if(apiResultRssi != CY_BLE_SUCCESS)


                      DEBUG_BLE("Cy_BLE_GetRssiPeer API Error: %xd \r\n", apiResultRssi);




                  rssi_param = (cy_stc_ble_rssi_info_t*)(((cy_stc_ble_events_param_generic_t*) eventParam)->eventParams);

                  printf("RSSI value is %02x \r\n",rssi_param->rssi);


      and declared the variables as follows:

      cy_en_ble_api_result_t              apiResultRssi = CY_BLE_SUCCESS;



      cy_stc_ble_rssi_info_t *rssi_param;



      Results obtained it is giving an constant outpuyt of

      The RSSI value is FFFFFFFC

      RSSI value is ffffffc9



      Am i reading the right rssi value? and why is that i  am getting in hex how do I print the right decimal equivalent value?

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