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    Warning-1350: Asynchronous path(s) exist from "Clock_1" to "\Timer_1:cy_m0s8_tcpwm_1\/tr_overflow




      I'm getting error "Warning-1350: Asynchronous path(s) exist from "Clock_1" to "\Timer_1:cy_m0s8_tcpwm_1\/tr_overflow"".


      I have reduced components for this problem to the following design



      If I exchange the NOT component with Sync component, there is no error any more. But datasheet remarks:


      s_in – Input

      Signal to be resynchronized. The signal must have a pulse width of at least one clock period plus 2 ns.


      I think, ov will only be high for one cycle of Clock_1. So, is this solution ok or is there any other solution ?


      Regards Rolf