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    CYBT-343026 UART baud rates




      I'm trying to interface to the CYBT-343026 HCI UART at as fast a speed as possible but the processor I am using cannot hit the 'common' baud rates exactly. I'm trying to understand what baud rates the CYBT-343026 can produce but the documentation is not very clear. In the datasheet there is an 'HCI UART Interface' section with a table for 'Common Baud Rate Examples, 24 MHz Clock' but it is unclear how the numbers result in the quoted baud rates especially since a few rows have the same settings but produce different baud rates (e.g. 4M and 2M or 115200 and 57600).


      How can I work out what other baud rates can be supported so that I can work out the percentage error between the Bluetooth module and the controlling processor?