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    Checksum Exclude section questions


      A couple of questions.

      I am using PSOC 4200 BLE.


      Where do I place the below code? In the bootloader, or the bootloadable?

      Can both use this section?

      how do I know the rows of the section? I would like to write it using CySysFlashWriteRow later.

      Any examples will help a lot as well.


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          The code can be put in either bootloader or bootloadable.

          Both the bootloader and the bootloadable can use this section.

          Do you mean the rows of checksum exclude area? Usually it is the last row(s) in User Flash area. The exact row number....can put a specified sequence such as 0xAA, 0xAA 0xAA......in exclude section, and users can check the exact address in PSoC Programmer.