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    S25FL256S VIO 1.8V operation



      I plan to use S25FL256S (S25FL256SAGMFIR01) in my design for 1.8V VIO operation. Attached is the schematics.


      I have 3 supplies

      1. B_1V8_SF - 1.8V for serial flash (generated for sequencing)
      2. B_3V3_D - 3.3V System Supply
      3. B_1V8_D - 1.8 V System Supply

      In system board power sequencing is such a way that B_1V8_D --> B_3V3_D --> B_1V8_SF.


      in order to meet the sequencing need for i generate B_1V8_SF from B_3V3_D.


      pls review my schematics


      My concerns are

      1. Which pull up (HOLD & WP) rail I should use B_1V8_D or B_1V8_SF?? my concern is since B_1V8_D come first will it raise the voltage level of VIO rail via input pins??


      2. IF I need to cull up CS as suggested in data sheet which rail should I use.


      Please suggest