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    CCG3PA Vconn control enable and polarity


      Hello Cypress Support,

      I have few questions regarding VCONN evaluation on the CY4532.


      1/ I would to evaluate the VCONN feature on the CCG3PA EVKIT, however the feature is turned off in the default FW. What steps are needed to enable it?

      Per the CY4532 EZ-PD™ CCG3PA Evaluation Kit Guide:

      The CY4532 Kit has an additional feature to support VCONN supply for cable discovery in the Power Adapter application. The CY4532 Kit hardware and firmware require changes to exercise the VCONN operation. Please contact Cypress Technical Support through www.cypress.com/support to enable the VCONN operation on the CY4532 Kit.


      2/ Is it possible to change the logic polarity of the CC_VCONN_CTRL signals to active high in the CCG3PA software?


      Thank you in advance!


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          Hi ,


          The answer is below:

          1. The step is below: (Power Adapter application as example)

          a. Hardware change on CY4532:

          J6, J7, J9 should short 2-3.


          b. Firmware change on project CYPD3171-24LQXQ_cla.

          (1) Open file stack_params.h, change VCONN_SUPPORT_ENABLE from 0u to 1u.

          (2) Diable Type-C page from TopDesign.cysch.

          (3) Enable VCONN_CC1 and VCONN_CC2 on TopDesign.cysch.

          (4) Re-build firmware project. re-programming the HEX file which new generated into CY4532 to check the VCONN feature.


          2. It is possible to change the VCONN_CC1 and VCONN_CC2 control logic. The relates firmware code is includes in main.c. You could change it as per your requirements.


          Best Regards,