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    CYW94343WWCD1_EVB platform master gerber files in altium


      We are using CYW94343WWCD1_EVB platform.

      We need the master gerber files in altium for the product also if there are *.BRD files that would help us in spec'ing out the  antenna design so that we can use cypress's,  all this will cut 2-4 months of development interval for us. 

      The problem with what exists is there are eagle cad files and  an old version which altium cannot read. Altium says the files are too old to be read in it's software.  So if anyone has gerber altium project files that would be great. if not Is there  the master *.BRD files we can use as a basis for designing  our board. 

      This will help us so we can have it manufactured and start testing in four weeks time. if this is available to us.

      Thanks is advance Sincerely, Gillian/aao