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    Alternative IDE support


      Hi ,

      I am not sure where it is best to ask this question,


      I know that with PSoC 6 the push from Cypress is that we as developers need to accept that "ModusToolbox" is going to be the development IDE platform of choice.

      and I appreciate that a lot of work has been put into building upon the Eclipse foundation.

      Having been a developer that got into using Cypress products through the PSoC Creator initially switching to Modus has been felt as a great step back

      The drag and drop aspect of PSoC Creator was a real Plus for new developers to get the MCU hardware quickly configured... Yes I am aware that some people would say it hid too much from the developer but it was possible to switch to other IDEs like Keil for example


      I don't want this thread to become a "Flame war" of what is the best IDE ...I am familiar with Eclipse and other IDEs as I have spent the last 30 years developing software under a number of different languages and OS's and MCU.  and ALL IDE's have Plusses and Minuses.


      I am curious if any future support will be given to Opensource options like Platform.io  https://platformio.org/  Over the last 6 months I have had Several requests to use this on other MCUs and the even though it is still a relatively new IDE it has been really impressive on how quickly it has evolved.


      If Cypress wants to encourage new users ( graduates just coming into the field) I see a lot of really promising individuals building up preferences( Experience)  for STM32 simply because they found good friendly tools in that supported that Micro.


      For all of eclipses benefits and history  ... there is no hiding the fact that it is built on a framework that is approaching 20 years old, its architectural style and usability, dare I say it,  "bloatedness" is apparent and probably would benefit from moving into a complete rewrite phase...


      I am under no delusion that ModusToolbox will not be dropped by cypress after investing so much time into it, my only question is .... is it possible for Cypress to encourage ( Plant the seed?) for a community like platformio  ( or any other in the future) to spin up solid PSoC support otherwise, I am sorry but cypress will hurt no one but itself in limiting the potential support of new developers to the wonderful world of PSoC.


      I am interested if others have similar opinions or other ideas?



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          Hi William,


          Thanks for the suggestion.


          Cypress wants to facilitate developers to work in an environment in which they are most comfortable.

          We want to spend most of our effort on making sure it's easy to access all the functionality of our devices.


          Saying that, I can't comment right now when we are going to support Platform.io in near future or whether we will support it or not.



          Ankita Singh