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    Segger JLink unable to change chip protection CY8C4127LQI-BL473




      Our product uses a CY8C4127LQI-BL473 for Bluetooth.  Our manufacturing line uses a Segger JLink to ensure that the latest version of product firmware is installed in the chip.  We just released a new version of the firmware, and have discovered that the JLink does not appear to handle the chip protection correctly.  The new version of firmware comes with the chip protection in the "Protected" state.  The JLink is unable to connect to the chip, and therefore cannot even allow a simple checksum operation.  Also, this revealed that the JLink does not successfully write the chip protection if an unlocked chip is presented to the JLink.


      I found several older threads loosely related to this on both the Cypress and Segger websites, but which appeared to address the HEX file contents more than the actual chip protection interactions.  The closest I have come to locating a solution is the following page on the Segger wiki site:




      When we use the JLink to perform the Exit steps after programming listed in this article, the sequence appears to execute properly, but the chip remains unlocked.


      Is there a way to get the JLink to correctly lock and unlock the CY8C4127LQI-BL473? 


      We are using a 5-wire SWD interface for all programming connections.  We used the MiniProg3 for development, and to confirm that the issue is isolated to the way JLink handles the chip protection.


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