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    porting CE3222046 to CYBLE-416045-EVAL EZ-BLE


      I just purchased a CYBLE-416045-EVAL EZ-BLE and found this example project ...




      with the accompanying pdf




      I am using the CYBLE-416045-EVAL EZ-BLE ble module the to do a transparent ble bridge

      IE to send whatever comes into the UART RX to the ble central device in this case a phone and sending whatever comes from the phone to the UART TX


      is the CE222046 example the best way to do this? I am having trouble programming the board as well not sure if it is because the program is incompatible or the kitprog3 on the CYBLE-416045-EVAL EZ-BLE board is not compatible with PSoC creator 4.2


      I do not have the MINIprog I just connected the board to my windows 10 pc via the usb mini port on board.