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    HCI_RESET command of CYW20706 module


      Hi, I am currently connecting to CYW20706 with our MPU.

      I sent the HCI_RESER command"01 03 0C 00" to CYW20706 from MPU.

      And I got the HCI command"04 13 05 01 0B 00 01 00 04 0E 04 01 03 0C" from CYW20706.

      I know the "04 0E 04 01 03 0C" meaning, but I don't know "04 13 05 01 0B 00 01 00".

      Could you tell this command "04 13 05 01 0B 00 01 00" meaning?  


      Thank you!

      Best regards,



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          I'm not sure what this string of tuples mean, but the last byte 0x0C refers to "Command Disallowed" according to the list of error codes.

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            Hi Yuji,


            I would guess that the chip is transmitting NVRAM data which can be inferred form the initial byte 04 that is being received.

            Also 04 indicates that multiple chunks of non contiguous NVRAM data may be received.

            If you look into the WICED-HCI-CONTROL-PROTOCOL.pdf found in the docs of 20706 in WICED studio, the following could be inferred


            04-> NVRAM Data

            Next 2 bytes->NVRAM ID

            Next 2 bytes-> NVRAM Data


            The Next 00 indicates that it is the end of that block of data.

            The Following 01 indicates the command status and the 00 which follows indicates that the execution has started.


            The data received after this is the acknowledgement for the HCI_RESET command.


            Try putting the device into recovery mode and then sending the command. You should get the proper HCI reset response.



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