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    FX3S Raid1 on Chip USB 3.0 Dongle version 1.0 - FX3S Raid1 Application issue




      I am using Cypress FX3S USB Dongle Rev 1.0 Hardware.

      This has Two SD card connections. one USB 3.0 host connection.


      I am using EzUsb Eclipse IDE for building FX3SMassStorage Application,

      When I load this fx3sMassStorage Application to FX3S using Cypress Control center,

      I am getting two FAT Partitions/Drive each 1.8GB, as I am using 4GB SD card on either SD socket.

      When FX3SMassStorage Application is loaded, Only Primary SD card two 1.8GB FAT partitions in detecting ,

      But Secondary 4GB card's two FAT partitions is not mounted or detected in MyComputer.


      When I Download the Debug/Release raid1 .img to FX3S using Cypress Control center,

      I am not getting any Mass Storage Drive in My Computer and/or Storage Drives in Computer Management.

      In This I connected two 4GB SD card on both SD card sockets in FX3S.


      But Both cards are detecting in Transcend Card Reader.


      I am facing this Raid1 Partition or Drive of FX3S is not showing in Windows 7 MyComputer and/or Storages in Computer Management.


      But when I load FX3S MassStorage Application first and then do button reset on FX3S and Load FX3S Raid1 Application using cy control center,

      I am getting one 1.8GB FAT Partition in My computer, But another 1.8GB Raid1 FAT partition is not detecting.


      I am using below

      Application: https://www.cypress.com/file/124466/download

      AN89661 USB RAID 1 Disk Design Using EZ-USB FX3S.zip


      Thanks & Regards