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    cyble-014008 flash corruption


      Hello all,


      my colleagues in the test department found a flash corruption case


      Our device is connected to the battery of cars, so it is powered at 12 V; it has also a bootloader


      The test is: turn on device, wait for a while, turn off (to 6 V, that is off), wait, repeat.


      After a variable amount of time the device stops in the bootloader (it turns on a blue led)


      I used psoc programmer to download the two images (corrupted: left)





      As you can see, at address 1FFC0 the content is different (all zero in the corrupted case, erased?)


      From the map file I got:


      .cyloadermeta  0xf0000000       0x40 .\CortexM0\ARM_GCC_541\Release\cybootloader.o

                      0xf0000000                cy_meta_loader

                      0x0001ffc0                cyloadablemeta_start = cy_project_type_app_for_stack_and_copier?((LENGTH (rom) - CY_FLASH_ROW_SIZE) - CY_METADATA_SIZE):((LENGTH (rom) - (CY_FLASH_ROW_SIZE * (CY_APPL_NUM - 0x1))) - CY_METADATA_SIZE)




                      0x0001ffc0       0x40



                      0x0001ffc0       0x40 .\CortexM0\ARM_GCC_541\Release\cymetadata.o

                      0x0001ffc0                cy_meta_loadable


      Can you tell me why this can happen? That is, when bootloader/bootloadable change that flash row?


      Best regards