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    What can make WLC_SET_WSEC_PMK ioctl to timeout ?

      hi there,

      I am porting WWD to a custom board powered by a Cortex-A9 and Murata SN8000x module (based on BCM43362A2) using SDIO interface.

      A lot of thing are now working (enumeration, FW download, WAN scan, open AP join) until I try to join a WPA/WPA2 protected AP.

      Digging into WWD showed me that the ioctl sending the WPA key (WLC_SET_WSEC_PMK) never gives any answer. That leads wifi_prepare_join to fail and propagates the error until my initial call to wwd_wifi_join.

      My example only calls a very few wwd functions:

      * wwd_management_init

      * wwd_wifi_get_mac_address

      * wwd_wifi_get_wifi_version

      * wwd_wifi_join

      I am wondering what can cause WLC_SET_WSEC_PMK ioctl not to answer.

      Wrong firmware ? (the same FW runs perfectly on Murata's SN8000X EVK)

      Wrong DCT ?

      Timing issue during init ?

      Any suggestions or guidance to debug will be appreciated. Thanks.

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          Hi folks,


          I have some news about the issue, unfortunately I do not consider it is 100% solved.

          I reproduced the issue on proven hardware (namely Murata SN8000x EVK). I wrote a custom application largely inspired from NoOS_Canned_send example.

          The initialization is the same trivial sequence:

          * wwd_management_init

          * wwd_wifi_get_mac_address

          * wwd_wifi_get_wifi_version

          * wwd_wifi_join

          And is works !!

          But when I insert a scan before join (very useful to find spots), joining only works on OPEN AP. Try to join a WPA/WPA2 protected AP fails because of WLC_SET_WSEC_PMK ioctl that never answer.

          Is there some cleaning stuff to perform after scanning and before joining ?

          Thx for helping me.