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    Checksum exclude section for a regular app


      Using the PSO4200 BLE.


      I am looking for this kind of flash space that I can I use securely. Without worrying any of the app code is erased when writing to flash.

      All this on a regular app (not a bootloadable)

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          PSoC 4200 BLE device has four rows of Supervisory Flash (SFlash), for application-specific use. This data will be retained across device re-programming.


          You can either use C# utility tool available as part of PSoC Programmer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Examples\Misc\PSoC4-BLE-SFLASH-Update\Executable\PSoC4-BLE-SFLASH-Update.exe) or CySysSFlashWriteUserRow API to write data to SFlash user configurable area.