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    SDK6.2 Breaks TLS Compared to SDK6.0 (CYW943907AEVAL1F)


      As I reported in a separate trouble report (see note, below), I observed that the HTTPS web server suffers from a memory leak using SDK6.2 when repeatedly serving pages to a client.  When I revert to SDK6.0, the problem is gone. 


      So, starting with the SDK6.2 code environment, I imported the following code from SDK6.0 into it:


      • Files in the directory:  "mbedtls_open/"
      • Individual files: wiced_tls.c,   tls_types.h,   wiced_tls.h
      • I needed to edit the files x509_crt.cb and pkparse.c by replacing "strnstr" with "strnstrn".


      With these changes, the build worked, and the memory leak was not present.   So, it appears that code changes were made in the WICED files or the mdedtls code that caused the memory leak.


      Is this of interest to the WICED development team, and if so, is this something that can be addressed?  I think it is quite a major problem.


      (Note:  the previous trouble report with additional information is here:  TLS Memory Leak on HTTPS Web Server and HTTPS Client (CYW943907AEVAL1F))