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    Altium Files




      I would like to mimic a board based on the CY8KIT-142 PSoC 4 BLE.


      I am having a license for Altium, but not or Allegro Cadence.  Is it possible to get this board layout & schematic in a software neutral (or even better Altium ) format so I can import the schematic layout & brd file?




      At the moment, this is not working with Altium, and requires installation of Cadence which I do not have access to.



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          Sorry to say that Cypress doesn't provide any files other than the one present in our Web. We recommend you to contact any 3rd party vendors for checking the possibility. Even though the 3rd party vendor converts the file the conversion will not be 100 % accurate and you may lose some information.




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            Thanks for the info.  I have hand translated to Altium, but please consider in future.  For example Altium is becoming quite affordable popular tool for workflow.