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    How to realize USB3014 two-channel data acquisition?


      I need to use two USB3014 device  of data acquisition boards  and achieve high-speed data transmission to the PC on both channels. That is to say, the two acquisition circuit boards are connected to two PC USB3.0 interfaces. Two design all use the synchronous Slave FIFO example  between FPGA and FX3 by auto DMA. However, at firstly,the first data transmission is started normally, but once the second channel data transmission is started, and the first channel will be blocked .At the same time, the second channel will also not work . When the transmission of the acquisition procedure of the second channel is stopped or closed, the first acquisition will resume normal acquisition of data. The second USB3014 needs to be powered off and re-download the firmware to return to normal. My two PC acquisition programs use the API functions such as the BeginDataXfor function. the Producer and Consumer EP of the two design case  firmware procedure is all the different EP. At present, I can only achieve one-way data acquisition, and cannot achieve two-way data acquisition channels at the same time.How to realize USB3014 two-channel data acquisition? Thanks for your advice or other technology support.