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    Use Cypress EZ-USB FX3S to make an intelligent USB thumb drive




      I want to build a Thumb drive (other names: USB drive, USB storage device, Flash drive, removable storage, etc.) based on the FX3S chip.


      Phase 1:

      I just want to be able to plug in the device into a Windows computer over the USB port and have the device use the default device drivers to access storage.


      Phase 2:

      Program the ARM9 on the FX3S to communicate with software (a program I will write) running on Windows. 
      The communication result between the ARM9 code and the Windows program/code will be either true or false. 
      If true, mount the device so that Windows can see the device (and the end-user can read or write files onto the storage). 
      If false, do not allow the device to mount to Windows (perhaps turn off power on the device?).


      I have been studying the FX3S documentation (so much information!) and see there are many examples including a "mass storage" example which I think is what I should use to start even though I have to remove the "2 volume" logic.


      My initial question though is if I can use the "CYUSB3KIT-003 EZ-USB® FX3™ SuperSpeed Explorer Kit" to prototype my project?

      Someone (I can't recall who) told me that I have to get the "Pactron’s FX3 FPGA Dev Board" instead.


      So, I am looking for overall advice as I am just getting started.
      Thanks very much!