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    How to get capacitance in higher resolution in fF or 10fF order?


      Hi experts.


      I am building water level sensor using CY8C4014+PsoC Creator4.2+CapSense CSD 2.60.

      Now I am using  CapSense_GetSensorCp() API but it reports capacitance of electrode in pF

      order. I need much higher resolution like in fF or 10fF order.

      I tried  CapSense_ReadSensorRaw() API but raw count is initialized to different value

      every time power is turned on even capacitance of the electrode (i.e. water level) is

      maintained. (Once raw count is initialized to a certain value, change of raw count value

      is proportional to a change of capacitance of the electrode. )

      Is there any way to get capacitance of electrodes in higher resolution (in fF or 10fF order)?


      Thanks in advance.