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    Firmware update bootloader mode


      I own a Cable Matters 201046 (USB-C Multiport Adapter with 4K 60Hz DisplayPort), but since I'm experiencing issues with power delivery I'm trying to update the firmware as per the Cable Matters KB article #103.


      However, I can not get the adapter to run in ‘update mode’. I have installed the Cypress Configuration Utility, run it, plug in the adapter without PD, and then it simply gets recognized as USB adapter, not as 'USB BRIDGE'.


      Some things I've tried to solve the issue:

      - Run the Configuration Utility as Administrator (as opposed to no elevation)

      - Connect the adapter with PD (as opposed to without)

      - Connect the adapter with an USB device attached (as opposed to without)

      - Connect the adapter on both USB2 and USB3 ports

      - Connect the adapter to multiple Windows 10 x64 machines

      - Update the Configuration Utility to the latest version via the built-in update manager


      I expect the Configuration Utility to not intercept the adapter connecting and instructing the bootloader to start in 'update mode', but I'm unable figure out how to fix please. As such, I'm kindly requesting your assistance.

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          Hi Tom,


          Here's the steps you can try to update your device:

          1. Open the your Windows device manager.

          2. Connect the adapter without PD.

          3. Find out your device in your device manager no matter its name is USB BRIDGE or not.

          4. Manually update its driver to Billboard Bridge Vendor MFG. (Same operation as step 4,5,6 KB article #103 )

          5. Open EZ-PD Configuration Utility to check if it can recognize your device.


          In the meaning time, you can contact Cable Matters to check if they have experience in solving your issue.